The Power of 1 Positive Thought

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About the Author

As a Health and Wellness Coach, Kael Roberts has positively influenced thousands of lives. In her personal and professional experience, she has realized the powerful impact of 1 Positive Thought and setting the positive intention for the day. In the  text, Kael will share some of her personal experiences along with the positive thoughts that have changed her life in a powerful and impactful way.  By sharing the book with you, she hopes it brings you, the reader, into awareness and love with the help of powerful, channeled energies that have guided and enlightened the path of her own personal journey and enriched her life forever.

About the Book

The Power of 1 Positive Thought is a daily manifestation book of 365 mantras that will enlighten and enrich your soul. Start your day off right with 365 mantras that will allow you to set the positive intention for the day, open your soul and mind to the power you possess within, and expand your heart to become an overflowing beacon of love. The abundance of your life is already present around you. Become fulfilled through this text to allow love back into your life and supply you with the positive energy you’ve been searching for.