Custom  Online  Training

Can't train with Kael because you're not in Southern California but still want her personal touch towards reaching your personal goals? Custom online training programs are available to you.

Have direct communication with Kael and have your custom fitness routine created around your exact needs and goals. 

Preparation is the key to success. 

Preparation is the key to success. 

Nutritional  Guidance Always Included


Learn the proper food you should be eating in order to reach your specific goals. Diet plans vary depending on the needs of each individual.  Learn tricks to help you curb cravings. Also get supplement recommendations to help enhance your results. Keep in mind, supplement recommendations are only recommendations, not required for your overall success. 

Muscle Building,  Weight Loss  &  Goal Specific Programs

For Both Men and Women


Achieve the ultimate results by having the ultimate custom fitness program built for you and your goals. No gym is required for your custom routine as it is built around your convenience. Although no gym is required, some equipment is eventually necessary to continue progressing in your fitness journey. Contact Kael to discuss what type of program will work best for your goals. 



Video  Chat  Add-on  Sessions  Also  Available


You may feel that you need more than just email and text communication with Kael in order to assure proper form and motivation throughout your entire workout. For a small additional cost, Kael offers video chat sessions to visually check in on your progress and to help keep you pushing to your limits throughout each session. Video chat sessions can be scheduled daily, weekly or bi-weekly for 30 to 60 minute long sessions. This would be ideal for any new beginner weight loss clients or first time weight lifting clients. 

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