Massage Services Offered & Pricing:


Pre-Natal : Light to medium pressure massage for the expecting mother. Helps reduce muscle tension, strain and discomfort experienced during pregnancy. Promotes relaxation and helps to enhance the overall mood and well being of the mother.

In home services available upon request. 

  • 60 minute - $75
  • 90 minute - $100
  • In home pricing varies. 


Swedish Massage: Light to medium pressure, total body massage. Helps reduce muscle tension and promotes relaxation. 

  • 60 minutes - $75
  • 90 minutes - $100


Deep Tissue: Firm to deep pressure massage for the active individual or athlete. Helps reduce muscle tension and pain caused from extreme, prolonged or frequent strenuous physical activity. This massage targets specific muscle groups through direct deep/firm pressure. 

  • 60 minute - $85
  • 90 minute - $115


Sports Massage: Firm to deep pressure massage for athletes, including some light stretching. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and aggressive movements. Sports massage can be used to enhance pre-event preparation and reduce recovery time for maximum performance during and after training events. Promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, helps prevent injuries, improves endurance and helps prepare the body for best performance. 

  • 60 minute - $85
  • 90 minute - $115


Gua Sha or Chinese Technique Muscle Scraping: A massage using tools - deep pressure. Traditional Chinese recovery treatment which involves the skin being scraped to produce light bruising. Helps release unhealthy toxins (like lactic acid build up) from injured or overused muscles. Stimulates blood flow and circulation and promotes overall healing. 

  • 60 minute - $95
  • 90 minute - $125


*Hands, Feet, Face and Scalp massage available upon request prior to the beginning of the massage. 
*Aromatherapy Oils Available Upon Request.
*Booking Upon Appointment Only; Contact Kael Directly For Bookings


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